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Bankruptcy Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is about imposing financial order by getting rid of debts and preserving assets to give you a fresh start. Continue reading

Debt Settlement Debt Settlement

With debt settlement, borrowers can negotiate a settlement for less than the full balance and avoid bankruptcy. Continue reading

Business Dissolution Business Dissolution

We wind up and dissolve corporations and limited liability entities. Continue reading

We know it can be intimidating to talk to a lawyer.

Especially a business and bankruptcy attorney. But the most common things we hear at the end of our first consultation are “I feel better” and “I wish I had met you sooner.”

You have options.

Perhaps you have too much tax debts or credit card debt and aren’t sure what options are available to you. Maybe you are going through a life changing experience such as a serious illness, loss of employment, divorce or death in the family.

You do not have to go on living with the constant calls from the creditors or mounting debts. If you are overwhelmed by debt, we can help you to get a fresh start.

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“I highly recommend JC Law Group for any questions you may have about bankruptcy and the complexities of it and if you decide to have them represent you, you will be in great hands!! Thanks Jeena & Jeff.”

- Cristina M.

“Jeena Cho and Jeff Curl are two of the best attorney’s I’ve ever met, and this is after having worked around corporate lawyers most of my young life in business.”

- Carol W.

“I cannot recommend JC Law Group highly enough. Jeff is kind, extremely proficient, helpful, compassionate, easy to talk to, and supportive. I felt confident that Jeff always had my best interests in mind.”

- Cathy

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Protecting Your Personal Injury in Bankruptcy

Protecting Your Personal Injury in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can impact your rights to recover and keep compensation related to an injury you suffered. When you file bankruptcy, with very few exceptions, all property you own becomes part of what is called the bankruptcy estate. “Bankruptcy estate” is … Continue reading

Filing Chapter 13 Without a Lawyer is Almost Automatic Failure

Filing Chapter 13 Without a Lawyer is Almost Automatic Failure

It feels self-serving sometimes to hear attorneys warn the public against representing themselves in bankruptcy. As the years go on, however, I have come to agree more and more with the analogy that one would not perform surgery on themselves. … Continue reading