San Francisco Bankruptcy Attorney

About our consultation process:

We believe every case is unique and will work with you to find the best solutions for your legal issues.

What to expect:

  • Your objectives and goals
  • Income & expenses
  • Assets
  • Non-bankruptcy options
  • Bankruptcy options – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13
  • What bankruptcy can and cannot achieve
  • Steps involved in filing for bankruptcy
  • Any questions or concerns you have
We know from experience that one of the hardest parts of dealing with your financial problems is to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.

You may be experiencing feelings of embarrassment, fear or uncertainty. These are very normal feelings and rest assured, we are here to offer advice and guidance on ways to deal with your problems.

One of the most common things clients tell us at the end of the consultation is “I feel so much
better” or “I wish I had met with you sooner.”

You can call us at 415-963-4004 or fill out the form to request a consultation. We handle cases throughout the Bay Area.