Can I shut down my business and start a similar business in California?

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Sure you can, but what if your business is in trouble? I talk with a lot of business owners who are struggling. The business is not doing well, but it’s what the owner knows, and wants to continue to do. … Continue reading

The New Problem of Home Equity and Lower Wages

This picture is what happened in 2008. Now I need someone to make a picture with a house crushing the piggybank. As one would expect, my clients’ range of problems is often tied to current economic trends. In 2008-2012, most … Continue reading

The Current Debate Over Student Loans in Bankruptcy

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I belong to the National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), and we talk amongst ourselves quite a bit about current bankruptcy issues. NACBA is having an internal debate among some members about what to do about student loans. A few thoughts: … Continue reading

The Bad Side of When Only One Spouse Files Bankruptcy

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One spouse, whether married or separated, can file bankruptcy alone, without the consent of the other spouse. Sometimes this is a good thing, because in California, the non-filing spouse can often obtain the benefit of the automatic stay as to … Continue reading

Buzz Kill – No Bankruptcy Relief for Marijuana Grower

I always had a bit of a fascination with marijuana law, and now have seen it cross into the bankruptcy world a few times. As it continues to evolve, it’s been interesting from the legal perspective to watch it develop … Continue reading