Understand the Relationship Between Assets and Debts in Bankruptcy

Understand the Relationship Between Assets and Debts in Bankruptcy

Rather, understand the lack of a relationship between assets and debts. This is a fundamental concept to grasp in bankruptcy. It is easiest to demonstrate this concept with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Two important goals in the bankruptcy process are … Continue reading

Using Temporary Restraining Orders to Protect Personal Guarantors of a Business

Here is a common scenario. The founders of a company get a loan for their business and give a lien to the lender on the piece of property owned by the company. The lender requires a personal guarantee from the … Continue reading

Protecting Assets and the Risk of Voidable and Fraudulent Transfers

If bankruptcy or getting sued is a possibility, it is natural to worry about protecting your assets. A mistake made by some is moving assets out of their name to put it beyond the reach of a plaintiff or creditor. … Continue reading

Discharging a Willful and Malicious Debt in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is powerful. It permits you to discharge, i.e., get rid of, a lot of debts. In bankruptcy, we discharge credit card debt, old taxes, personal loans, car loans and leases, and the list goes on. The bankruptcy code also … Continue reading

Rising Health Insurance Costs and Bankruptcy

News just came out about the increase in 2017 health insurance rates from the state exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, more popularly known as Obama Care. Medical insurance rates made the news because the average premium is increasing by … Continue reading